Sem tempo. Mas com saudades ;)

terça-feira, 4 de novembro de 2014

She stepped into the park
I gave up looking for angels
Each moment loving the last one
The fear is walking us by
I understand all her demons
Relying on the day she will see
Shine on
Your freedom,I cannot bear
I'll try to be immune to the sadness
Now I pretend we are lovers
I keep wondering why
Shine on
You defy, I remain
Prisoner of your decisions
I dream, you laugh
I can remember how it started
One day, you'll see
Detaills will make all the difference
I love you, goodbye
Now you know i'm gone
Shine on

Sem muito tempo para ler, sobra a música como antídoto natural.
E que livros poderiam ser feitos a partir de uma música?

Boas leituras. Com inveja descarada!

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